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Choosing Bets For Your Football Accumulator

Accumulators allow you to live the dream every weekend! Selecting the outcomes of multiple football results, punters can give themselves a chance of winning big thanks to the ‘multiplier effect’ which accumulators have.

If you are constantly being thwarted from winning big by one or two results in your accumulator, it is likely you are on the right track when it comes to how to choose your bets. However, if you are always falling way short of a complete set, or would like some wisdom which can help you take the last step to a big win, you might want to take heed of some of the accumulator advice below:

Forget the Odds

It might seem hard to believe, but odds aren’t always the thing which matters in accumulators, certainly not as much as placing single bets. That’s because the majority of the time in an accumulator of 6-10 bets, the multiplier effect is likely to make sure you win big regardless. Instead, you should concentrate on looking at outcomes you are confident in, rather than dissecting the odds.

If you are used to looking very closely at odds, this may take a period of adjustment.

Limit Yourself to 10 or Less Bets

You are really stretching the boundaries of probability if you pick more than 10 teams. The more teams you pick, the less chance you have of winning – remember that. And imagine how upset you would be if you scuppered an accumulator just because you went for a greedy extra bet. No more than 10 bets is a useful rule of thumb.

Don’t Overlook Draws

We naturally look at a team winning or losing, as statistically either of these outcomes is more likely than a draw. But don’t overlook draws for your accumulator – they can provide better odds than wins or losses, and are also common.

Take a look at the past form of teams and look for those teams that often draw or even end the game goal-less. When two of these teams are both matched together then it can be incredibly lucrative to back the draw.

Also consider teams that have similar playing styles. For example, if two very defensive teams are playing one another it can be tough for goals to occur and therefore the draw becomes a valuable proposition.

Go with your Head, not your Heart

Involving the team you support in the accumulator picking process is asking for trouble.

Your loyalty towards that team and the emotions attached to it mean there is a chance you won’t be able to think clearly. Enjoy your team’s games without the added pressure of a bet and save the accumulator for bets which you have no emotional investment in.

Pick the Bookmaker Offering the Best Odds

It might seem obvious, but you would be amazed at the number of punters who dive headfirst into signing up with a bookmaker based on brand recognition or a special offer to open membership. This is the wrong way of going about things, and for your accumulators you should take odds from a bookmaker which consistently offers decent odds.

A small difference in the fractions can appear insignificant, but where an accumulator is concerned, they can add up to thousands of pounds should you hit the jackpot.

The obvious place to compare odds is of course OddsChecker.

Look out for Accumulator Bonuses

Bookmakers have been known to offer bonuses based around accumulators – why not take advantage of them?

You can obtain bonuses on winning and even losing bets, a percentage add-on for winning accumulators, some based around accumulators over a certain number of bets. Think how you would feel if you won, only to find out you could have multiplied your returns further if you placed the bets with a different bookie!

Several bookmakers have been known to offer money-back deals whereby if just one of your accumulator bets lose then you get your money back as a free bet. These offers can often save a losing accumulator.

Don’t Forget to Swot Up!

You might be placing a series of bets, rather than a couple of single ones, but there is still every reason to check the form of those teams (not sure how?, then read the Betting Gods Football Form guide here).

It’s easy to log into a bookmaker, tick a few match outcomes and stick a tenner on it.

But that’s the wrong way to approach an accumulator. You should instead treat each bet as an individual bet, analysing each of those matches as you would when placing a single bet on them.

Stay Away from Derby Day!

Matches between local rivals can throw up all kind of strange results, irrespective of where two sides lie in the table. If anything, derby matches are welcomed by underdogs or out of form teams as a chance to get their fans back on side, while for in-form teams they can represent a banana skin.

The same applies to football rivals. Their form often goes out the window, their normal game play changes and it becomes a game of passion. You don’t want to find yourself betting on a game of passion.

Avoid Miserable Midday Kick Offs

If an accumulator is an integral part of you putting your feet up on a Saturday afternoon and watching the results roll in, you might want to think twice before betting on a midday kick off. That’s because they have the ability to scupper your accumulator before the main action has even begun, so beware!

Look at Different Markets

You don’t have to just bet on the outcomes of fixtures. There are plenty of other markets which can allow you to mix up your accumulator – think first goalscorer, if a penalty will be awarded, if there will be a sending off, or the timing of a goal. If you have a hunch on any of these, why not include them?

Home Wins

A home win in football is the most common result in most leagues, and studies of Premier League results have shown that home wins account for just under 50% of all outcomes. For this reason, you can give yourself a better chance of the winning bets rolling in – albeit at shorter odds – if you pick a few home wins for your accumulator.

Goals, Goals, Goals

Without scoring, it is impossible to win a game. It is worth reminding yourself of this when you are looking at teams which traditionally have trouble finding the back of the net. Teams which can’t score are perfectly placed to mess up your accumulator, so try to avoid them, unless of course you back their chances to grind out a 0-0 draw!

Make it Easy for Yourself

There are plenty of online resources which make checking out form and other variables a doddle. Look at easy to digest tables such as those provided by the Sky Sports website.

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